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Helmut Geissler


heli © Mark SengsbratlHelmut Geissler – Director of Photography | Filmemacher – Bildgestalter

Born in upper Austria in 1981, helmut’s first job and education was to work as a chemical engineer at a local factory. He soon felt that this was not the life he dreamed of and he decided to take a risk and follow his passion for skateboarding. He visited the cities of Europe, lived in Barcelona and became a videographer.
In 2005 he returned to Austria and started to make his passion a profession.
As an autodidact cameraman and cutter, he realized experimental films, theater projects and several visual concepts for artists and social companies.

2007 he enrolled at the University of Art and Design Linz to study Time- based and Interactive Media.
In preparation for his master thesis, he moved to Berlin in 2013 via the erasmus exchange program to study stage and costume design at the University of Art in Berlin Weißensee.
In 2015 he graduated from university with a Master of Art degree.

Helmut Geissler is a passionate filmmaker with the obsession to create images with light and movement. His ambition is to transport emotional content to the viewer.

His portfolio includes works as a Director of Photography for different fiction short films, commercials, image films and documentaries.



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